Canada’s Oilpatch was built on the hard work, ingenuity, and resilience of its independently owned and operated oilfield service companies. When building a Sales and Marketing company to represent oil and gas service companies, my approach was to work with good people, running good companies, which provide great service. And though these services range from all sides of the industry, the one thing they all have in common – their dedication to being the best company in that field. Today’s oil and gas industry is focused on professionalism, safety and world class technology to achieve maximum profitability and zero days (and lives) lost. Each company I represent maintains the highest level of industry standards, certificates, and qualifications. Each company also uses the newest, and best maintained equipment, combined with the latest and most innovative techniques. The mission of Newman Sales and Marketing is to help. Help create exposure for exceptional oilfield service companies in Western Canada’s competitive marketplace. But also help those companies who need to hire oilfield service companies, and ensure each company is properly vetted before being added to their vendor list. We’re not simply selling oilfield services, but providing solutions to today’s oil and gas industry, as it continues to change and evolve on a daily basis. The pressures put on those who hire oilfield services, and those who perform them, has never been higher than it is today. Newman Sales and Marketing was set up to be a win-win for everyone involved, and hopefully this will also include relieving some of that stress and pressure.