Over my 20 years as a sales and marketing professional, I’ve found that nothing comes ahead of integrity. The integrity to stand behind the products or services you’re selling. And I couldn’t be more enthusiastic to represent each of the companies I’m currently working with. Each company understands the expectations I am promoting in every meeting, at every level, and each one is eager to exceed these lofty expectations.

These companies were built to be the best in their field, by getting out in the field and providing the outstanding service which has led to their success. This unfortunately leaves little (or no) time to successfully negotiate and manage key relationships with the oil and gas producers in Calgary. My enthusiasm to take on this role for each of these companies includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Market to new prospects
  • Build, nurture, and retain existing client relationships
  • Reestablish relationships with former clients
  • Organizing lunch and learns
  • Communicate industry news – from Calgary, to the field
  • Developing marketing and promotional material
  • Work on website SEO (search engine optimization)

Should you own an Oilfield service company, and would like to look into a full service sales and marketing company, please feel free to call or email me anytime. Or should you be looking to hire an Oilfield service, please call or e-mail me anytime…but, also don’t hesitate to contact me if you can’t find the type of service your searching for on this website, as there may still be ways I can help.

Demian Newman