Project Description

  • Years in business: 14 Years
  • Services: Herbicide Application, Mowing, Reclamation.
  • Safety: ISN, ComplyWorks, COR Certified
  • Offices: Drayton Valley, AB

We have been providing vegetation management and reclamation services in Alberta since 2006 and work with some of the largest companies in the Oil & Gas and Midstream sectors. We are based in Drayton Valley, AB and provide premium service at competitive rates throughout the province due to our unique approach. Our ability to safely complete work in short time frames is unparalleled in the industry.

Here are some of the ways we set ourselves apart:
– We utilize multiple crews so each area is completed in the least amount of time possible

– We supply an experienced foreman who supervises and supports the crews every day in the field

– We bring a water supply with us to the field, eliminating wasted time travelling to refill

– We use premium herbicide products and adjuvants in multi-part tank mixes while rotating the mixes season to season to prevent proliferation of resistant vegetation

– We use only the best equipment and replace on a regular basis
o Max 2 model year old 550/5500 series trucks
o Intelli Spray systems with lightweight, kink proof hoses and remote power reels
o Current model, low hour Can Am ATV’s and UTV’s, with and without tracks
o Current model, low hour John Deere tractors & attachments

– We utilize new technologies as they become available, ie. tablets to improve navigational efficiency and reporting at the same time

– Management is hands on and in the field throughout the season to supervise and support the crews and foremen

– We have a mentorship program for new employees to partner with experienced crew leaders

– We set the highest standard for quality in the industry by spraying with precision in straight lines or smooth arcs along spray edges in TVC areas

– We include signage spraying and cattle guards in all of our quotes

– We are confident in the quality of our work and offer a season long warranty program for residual herbicide Total Vegetation Control services. If a site shows regrowth in a sprayed area, we will come back and fix it at no charge

Operating safely is core to everything we do at Carnwood. Our formal commitments to safety include ISNet and Complyworks certification and maintaining our Certificate of Recognition (COR) as a member of the Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships. Our culture is even more important to achieving our safety goals than our certifications. We truly believe in operating safely and ingrain that belief into everything we do and everyone we hire. Our team knows that we all have the responsibility to keep ourselves and everyone around us safe and we utilize constant proactive communication to continuously monitor and improve the way we operate to achieve our safety goals. We recently invested in Safety Document Management Software to continue improving how we manage and think about safety.

Our Approach to Herbicide Application
Total Vegetation Control (TVC or Bareground)
We use residual products that offer very little mobility in soil and can be used effectively almost anywhere with no concerns. In the instance that only a non-residual herbicide can be used we prefer to schedule those applications for later in the season (July+) to eliminate the need for a second spray.
We provide fixed bid pricing for TVC on a site by site basis. We never charge more than our bid price which gives our partners cost certainty and simplifies approvals.

Selective Vegetation Control (Broadleaf)
We have proven many times that regular inspections and preventative control of noxious weeds is the most efficient way to manage undesirable broadleaf vegetation. Our recommendation is to always maintain a structured inspection and proactive control program across all areas so that the majority of issues are handled with spot spraying before they become a concern for landowners, municipalities and regulatory agencies.

We utilize many different herbicides and adjuvants and base our decisions on the unique circumstances of each area or site. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to herbicide and we take pride in tailoring the best product mix to each situation.


We have successfully completed many types of reclamation projects and have the equipment and experience to handle any project. We regularly work with Environmental Consultants and provide valuable input to assist them with completing work efficiently and effectively. These are some of the types of projects we have completed:

  • Preparing soil and seeding pipeline ROW’s from perfectly smooth pastures to heavily forested areas with difficult access
  • Preparing soil and seeding newly built oilfield leases in all types of environments and conditions
  • Preparing soil and seeding reclaimed oilfield leases in all types of environments and conditions
  • Removal & disposal of fences, concrete, and infrastructure from open areas and overgrown forested areas
  • Removal & disposal of vegetation & soil contaminated with hydrocarbons

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