Project Description

cased hole logging
  • Years in business: 6 Years
  • Services: E-line cased hole, logging & perforating services
  • Safety: COR, ISN, ComplyWorks.
  • Offices: Lacombe, AB, Rocky Mountain House, AB, Grande Prairie, AB, Fort St. John, BC

Downton’s Completion Services, a division of Downton’s Transport Ltd., is a Cased Hole Completion services. Mike Villeneuve has brought his 20 years of experience in the wireline industry to Downton’s – as the Operations Manager of the Completions division, and as the main operator on all wireline jobs


Services which include:

  • Abandonment services
  • Logging services
  • Radial cement bond logging
  • Temperature logging
  • Gamma-ray ccl logging
  • Correlation logging
  • Tubing conveyed perforating
  • 10k and 15k pressure work
  • Horizontal pump down plug and perforating
  • Select fire perforating systems
  • Conventional perforating systems
  • E-coil logging and perforating systems

Downton’s takes pride in building and supplying the most advanced equipment available in the industry and staffing that equipment with the most experienced, competent and safety conscious personnel available, including:

  • Tri-axle truck van unit is equipped with built in 10k grease injector units as well as 3 drums of electric line, 2 drums of 9/32 at 7600 meters(25,000 feet) as well as a drum of 5/16 line.
  • Pump down packages with wireline truck, 10K and 15K pressure control with backup systems, cranes, on-site office/shop trailers and light towers.
  • Tri axle rigless mast unit with large climate controlled work shop and an onboard, 3,000 pound grease injector. A 57 foot Mast and an aluminum work floor with safety railings. Also a work floor with railings over the truck cab to eliminate safety issues when working on the crown of the mast for changing lines out. The truck will have slant well capabilities as well.

Downton’s SCVL Case Study Brochure

Downton’s DS-NST Brochure

Downton’s Radial CBL Brochure

Downton’s Temperature Tool

Downont’s MCT 40-Arm Brochure