Project Description

  • Years in business: 8 Years
  • Services: Acid Hauling and Chemical Hauling.
  • Safety: ISN, ComplyWorks, COR Certified
  • Offices: Red Deer, AB

We provide specialized service in Dangerous Goods Fluid Hauling, specifically acid and oilfield chemicals.

Since 2010, our knowledge and expertise, combined with our drive to provide exceptional customer service has made us a clear choice in the industry. With a heavy focus on the customer experience, safety, and efficiency, Enzo Energy is here to meet your needs today!

Acid Hauling

If you are looking for reliable acid hauling in Western Canada, look no further than Enzo Energy. Our drivers have exceptional skills in the area of acid hauling, and our team has many years of expertise serving the oilfield fluid hauling industry. We’re proud to offer 24-hour dispatch services to our clients as well.

Acid Hauling: Serving B.C., Alberta, and Saskatchewan

Our team takes safety and customer service seriously. When researching your options for oilfield trucking companies, you’ll no doubt find that there are big and small acid hauling service providers out there. When you choose Enzo Energy Services, you choose to work with a dedicated team of experts who partner closely with you to ensure we meet your objectives from the get-go.

Pride in Our Acid Hauling Service

Our ever expanding acid hauling equipment fleet includes 10+ acid tank trucks. If you are interested in working with a safety-conscious and professional Western Canada chemical hauling company who goes above and beyond for customers, contact us today at 310-ACID to talk about your acid hauling needs. Whether you need help with HCL (hydrochloric acid) transportation or another type of chemical, we would be pleased to assist you.

Chemical Hauling

Western Canada has diverse chemical hauling needs, and Enzo Energy is equipped to help address each specific requirement. Our expansive knowledge in the area of hauling hazardous materials translates to safety and on-time results. Our skilled team and a top-notch fleet of equipment work to make sure your objectives are attained. We serve Western Canada with a 24-hour dispatch service, and highly regarded oilfield reputation speaks volumes about our dedication to continuous improvement and operating principles.

Dangerous Goods Chemical Hauling for Western Canada

The team at Enzo Energy works with numerous industries, including the specialized oilfield industry. Hauling services can easily be tailored to your company’s goals. Our high tech equipment comes with GPS technology, allowing you to benefit from the expertise of our team of industry professionals.

Enzo Energy has been in business since 2010 and our team has decades of combined experience. We would be pleased to talk to you about your needs.


Our fleet at Enzo Energy Services is ready to haul 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Based out of Red Deer, Alberta, Enzo Energy services is one of the region’s largest transporters of corrosive fluids. Our fleet is well equipped to deliver acid, bleach, and other dangerous chemicals. Our equipment includes fibreglass acid hauling tank trucks, an emergency oilfield head shower truck, and several pneumatic sand hauling trucks. Each container includes a calibrated fluid capacity gauge, and plumbing is designed for high capacity displacement to allow for large volume pump rates onsite. Enzo’s fleet is tracked via satellite, meaning that our dispatch office can easily inform customers on the status of their fluid without delay.

Our team can haul to industrial sites within city or township limits, as well as remote oilfield location. All trucks are outfitted with GPS technology that allows for hassle-free pickup and delivery. Our drivers are trained to be among the best in the industry and have built a reputation for reliability, dedication to safe practices, and efficiency. Enzo’s team is the heart of our business, with a family atmosphere guiding our workplace culture. This translates into higher customer satisfaction, increased productivity, and exceptional employee retention. Enzo’s expertise, combined with the drive to provide the best service available makes as an industry leader. We are proud to serve the area of Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan.


Enzo Energy Services maintains a culture of safety.

Management encourages employees to identify areas of improvement as it relates to the Health, Safety and the Environment in which we work. All client orientations are regarded to be the minimum standard for conduct on their sites. All employees at Enzo Energy are committed to guard themselves, those they work with, the equipment they operate, and the environment with the highest standards. Through this commitment to safety, Enzo Energy has maintained very favorable profiles on Alberta Transportation, WCB, ISN, PICS, and Complyworks.

About Us

It is the mission of Enzo Energy Services to “safely, confidently and consistently deliver products to the oilfield; whenever and wherever our customers need it. ”

Our Approach

Years of development built the momentum driving Enzo Energy Services’ inception in early 2010. The company was created as a vehicle for acquiring micro-private oil and gas service companies, specifically those associated with fracturing-related services. Enzo’s strong beginning began with the acquisition of Goddu Trucking, a private oil and gas service company located in Central Alberta. After the first acquisition, Enzo quickly took stride with its competitors by providing unsurpassed service for a countless number of clients. Mid-2010, Enzo increased its fleet capacity by taking delivery of a new large volume, tri-drive tractor trailer unit.

In order to keep up with its steady growth, Enzo settled another acquisition in late 2010, Bounty Trucking, and will begin 2011 with the delivery of yet another tri-drive tractor trailer unit, bringing the total Central Alberta fleet up to eight power units and six trailers.

Enzo’s organic growth business plan focuses on adding capacity by utilizing progressive technology for efficiency and safety and continuing to seek growth opportunities by acquiring accretive businesses in Western Canada.

​Enzo is proud to have built a reputation firmly grounded in a culture of safety.

From our upper management, down to our newest employees, we believe that safety is everyone’s responsibility. As a result, we encourage staff to identify areas of improvement related to the health, safety, and overall environment in which we work. All client orientations are regarded to be the minimum standard for safe conduct onsite.

All Enzo employees are committed to guarding themselves, their peers, the operational equipment involved, and to protect the environment by adhering to all appropriate procedures. Through this dedication to safety, Enzo Energy has maintained favourable profiles on Alberta Transportation, the WCB, ISN, Avetta (formerly PICS), and Complyworks. We remain dedicated to staying on top of industry standards through continuous education, training, and procurement of appropriate tools.

Learn more about our practices, services, and experience the Enzo difference today!