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  • Years in business: 14 Years
  • Services: Facility construction and modification, Fabrication and Maintenance, turnaround and abandonment, Full Scaffolding Services

  • Safety: ISN, ComplyWorks, COR Certified
  • Offices: Marwayne, Bonnyville, AB

T&T Oilfield Services Ltd. offers a range of construction-related services:

  • Facility construction and modification
  • Fabrication
  • Maintenance, turnaround and abandonment
  • Full Scaffolding Services

We are committed to quality, efficiency and safety on every job.


We can tackle jobs of any scope, large or small. Check out some of our successfully completed projects, then call us to add yours to the list!


Our well maintained, skillfully operated fleet stands ready to get the job done!

T&T Oilfield Services Ltd. has been operating since 2002, offering the best in facility construction services throughout the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan. T&T is committed to ongoing efforts and improvements to meet and exceed industry standards in fields such as welding, quality control, and most importantly safety.

T&T provides safety, quality and efficiency in the areas of facility and plant construction as well as fabrication and maintenance. T&T owns and operates the equipment required to complete projects of any scope.

Owners Tim Sharp, Troy Illingworth, Calvin Boire and Lucas Mueller work closely with their employees on job sites and projects, maintaining a direct link between clients and boots on the ground. T&T Oilfield Services employs a select group of individuals with the diversified experience necessary to complete any job or project.


T&T Oilfield Services Ltd. is committed to the health and safety of our employees, the public and the environment. We provide proper safety training to all of our workers, and constantly look for new ways to improve our health and safety program. We also have our own National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO) on staff to keep us up to date on all policies.

We currently hold certificates of recognition with the Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA). T&T is also a member of Complyworks and ISNetworld.

At T&T Oilfield Services Ltd. we pride ourselves on being hands-on contractors able to tackle jobs of any size or scope, large or small. With our fleet of new and well-maintained equipment, we are well suited for an array of project types including:


New construction as well as modifications to batteries, compressors, satellites and well sites.


Pipe, pipe racks, piping and production skids for oil, gas, steam and water services.


General or specific maintenance of plants, well sites, and related facilities including turnaround services and well and pipeline abandonment.


We have the utmost confidence in our staff, from our operation managers who run the major day-to-day operations, to our project managers who field the scheduling and cost reports on our bigger projects, to our experienced superintendents and foremen who actually get the work done.

Our operators are some of the best in the industry. We offer competitive wages that attract quality workers and pride ourselves on our low rate of employee turnover.

Please contact us to discuss how T&T Oilfield Services can contribute to the success of your next project.


Built cement pads; dirt work for pumps and buildings.

Set and tied in two 1600-hp triplex pumps.

Built and pressure-tested all piping.

Provided quality control package.


Marking and pile installation.

Installation and tie-in of a 2000-bbl and a 750-bbl tank.

Installation of one triplex pump.

Constructed and pressure-tested various piping.

Provided quality control package.


Installation of flow lines and gas lines.

Installation of tank and containment.

Installation of motor, shack and scrubber.


Provided quality control package.


Installation of flow lines and gas lines.

Installation of tanks and containment.

Installation of motors, shacks and scrubbers.


Provided quality control package.


Fabrication and installation of pipeline.

Installation of compressor, dehy glycol, and boiler MCC building.


Provided quality control package.


Installation of booster; tied into existing compressor.

Construction of all piping.

Pressure tested.

Provided quality control package

Cenovus Foster Creek

Phase F/G/H 2012-2015

-Pipe Mod & Building Package Install and Tie in

-Pump & Pump Building Installation with Pump Strain Reduction

-Skid Package Installation / Hydro testing and Commissioning

-Tank Inspection, Final Commission and Closure

-PSV Inspection / Certification / Installation and Final Commission

-Hrdo Testing and QC Turnover for all above mentioned Work

Secure Energy Tulliby Lake

Disposal Facility 2014-2016

-Pipe Mod Installation / Mechanical Pipe tie ins

-Install all equipment / Centrifuges / Shakers / Tanks / Heaters and Pumps / MCC / Boiler & Exchangers

-Fabricate all structural catwalks / walkways / platforms / and Install

-Fabricate and Install all Tie in Pipe spools and Utility piping

-Hydro test entire plant mechanical pipe scope

-Commission plant

-Supply QC Turnover for entire mentioned scope

-Continuous MOC / Plant maintenance and upgrades

Husky Lloydminster Refinery

VRU Upgrade 16” Stainless Steel 2011-2013

-Layout, Measure and fabricate all structural pipe racks and Install

-Layout, Measure and fabricate all pipe spools for project and install

-Install all fans, Motors, Tank Hardware & New Nozzles for system upgrade

-Tie in and commission upgrade

Continuous MOC Projects and Tank Replacement Construction

Devon Energy Manitokan Plant

Phase 2 & Phase 3 Water Disposal Filtration Skid Installation 2013-2014

-Layout all building placement and pile locations

-Prep all piles and pipe spools for skid installation and set buildings in place

-Install all Pipe and structural required for project

-Provide Hydro testing and QC turnover for all Mechanical Piping

Phase 2 & Phase 3 Water Disposal Replacement Pipe Upgrade 2015

-Layout, Measure and fabricate all structural supports and pipe spools

-Install all structural and mechanical spool

-Tie in all equipment and pipe spools with minimal interruptions to operations

Phase 2 & Phase 3 Pump Upgrades 2015-2016

-Layout measure and fabricate all mechanical spools

-Hydro test and install all pumps, spools and supports with Pump strain Mitigation

-Install and Tie in all spools and pumps with Minimal Interruptions to Operations

Baytex Energy

Gemini Pilot Plant 2014-2015

-All Shutdown / Turnaround and MOC Projects

-Scheduled, Fabricated and Installed all structural / Mechanical scopes with minimal interruptions to operations

Projects Include

-Exchanger Upgrade

-Gas Meter Station Upgrade

-Heating System Upgrade

-Sand Catcher Upgrade

-Steam Generator Header Upgrade


Day-to-day maintenance at Devon Energy Manitoken Plant Site.

Assisted Cenovus Christina Lake with their last turnaround by supplying them with 15 men within a days’ notice.

Installed valve access platforms for Cenovus off sites at Foster Creek.

Fabrication and installation of piping for Husky Refinery Lloydminster.